No. 1: "Am I the most awkward human alive?"

Hello, hello, hello. I'm Jess. Welcome to my ramblings about everything and nothing.

Since launching Hall + Wade as a handmade jewellery brand in 2019 I've always struggled with opening up and sharing ideas or content. Whether it's in person, in text on our website or on social media, I think that age old Imposter Syndrome always sneaks in as that voice in the back of my head who tells me that I don't have anything interesting to say. I really want to take this opportunity on re-launch to tackle this and share much more about myself, the shop and the products we have available. 

In the past Hall + Wade was just a place to sell my own jewellery designs but I decided to take stock and really look into what it was that I wanted to achieve and what I was passionate about. I realised I love working much more collaboratively and I really wanted to create a space that celebrated all the talented makers we have in the UK. I love quirky design so I took that as a starting point for finding makers to work with. So I'm extremely excited to finally be able to re-launch Hall + Wade with a selection of lovely products by other talented UK makers. I've really enjoyed finding these fun, light-hearted and beautifully made products that I adore - and I hope you do too! 

I'm going to step out of my comfort zone and try to share a post every week. These could be small ramblings, product previews, maker bios or even just personal recommendations. If you want to follow me along for this journey and see all my awkward tip toeing through running this business please stay tuned!

My awkwardness will also be visible on our Instagram page too so give us a follow @hallandwade.